Props API


import { withPropsAPI } from 'gg-editor';

class Component extends React.Component {
  componentDidMount() {
    const { propsAPI } = this.props;


export default withPropsAPI(Component);


If the component has been decorated by withPropsAPI then it will have a this.props.propsAPI. The propsAPI provides the APIs as the following:

Attribute Description Type
executeCommand A function to execute the command. function(command)
read A function to read the data. function(data)
save A function to save the data. function() => object
add A function to add a new item. function(type, model)
find A function to find an item by its id. function(id)
update A function to update an item. function(item, model)
remove A function to delete an item. function(item)
getSelected A function to get the currently selected item. function